Q. How big is the Leaf once it`s folded inside its knapsack?

A. The diameter of The Leaf measures just under 22 inches when folded down.


Q. How many people will The Leaf shade?

A. Two adults can easily be shaded by The Leaf and you can also fit a small child!


Q. Is the fabric water resistant?

A. The fabric used is considered "water repellant" and can handle both fresh water and salt water. If the fabric is exposed to salt-water, make sure to rinse it off to prevent salt stains when dry.


Q. Can I separate the canopy from the telescopic pole?

A. Absolutely! It is very easy to separate the two. This makes updating your Leaf with a new color super easy and more economical!


Q. Where can we buy just the canopy?

A. This option will become available in 2020.


Q. Once The Leaf is installed, will it hold its position?

A. Yes, as long as you tighten the knobs and ensure that The Leaf is set-up in the same direction as the wind!


Q. Does the base only work for soft ground or can it be used in on compacted earth or in gravel?
A. The included anchor is intended for use in soft ground. New accessories are the works for 2020 to allow you to use this product in compacted earth and in gravel.